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Testimonials for Crow Heart Acupuncture & Herbs


Acupuncture Testimonials:


"I'm not someone who usually believes Chinese Medicine is going to solve all my problems and ailments but let me tell you, in my case it did. I suffered from infertility. 3 of the top doctors in SV told me I was not eligible for fertility treatments and told me to do egg donation with surrogate. When I finally found a Dr that would accept me as an infertility patient he suggested that I do acupuncture mixed with western medicine. On the advice of a friend who also suffered from infertility I went to see Frances at Crow Heart. Her acupuncture and very specific herbal supplements helped get my hormones working properly to get healthy eggs and uterus strong enough to carry my now very healthy baby girl. I often tell Frances she "got me pregnant". I'm so blessed to have found her and her amazing skills in Chinese Medicine!"


-- Jen Y.


"I liked Frances immediately, her curious open eyes, her kind smile, and openhearted presence when listening to me. As acupuncturist and healer – who has trained with the very best – she uses her knowledge with highly intuitive feedback that is spot on. She is not afraid to go deep, and her humor is down to earth and refreshing. Her pulse reading is superbly skilled and her needling very effective. I am not new to acupuncture, I have relied on it for long stretches in the past 32 years – she is the very best."


-- Karina E.


"Frances needled me on my head, ears, arms, legs and feet. She did an excellent job of making sure the needles weren't hurting me, bothering me, or at all uncomfortable. During the treatment itself, I noticed a deep calm come over me like a blanket. The relief from the pain was not only instant, but surprisingly long-lasting. Thanks to Frances for the great treatment! I am a self-declared repeat customer!"


-- Jessica G.


"Frances has such calming energy. She put me at ease right away; she listened to my concerns without judgment and held the space for me to share some personal traumas that were affecting my health. Her treatments really helped me feel better, physically and emotionally. I cannot recommend Frances enough and I would refer anyone to her for treatment!"


--Dylan H.


"I'm a union carpenter and not one to have anything to do with Berkeley or any of the crystal wearing, new age treatments, but a friend of mine kept telling me about Frances and Crow Heart Acupuncture and so I thought I'd give it a try. I've been back now three times. I can't put into words how transformed I feel. My back is better than it has been in years. But it's not just that, my overall spirit and energy and everything, even my eyes feel sharper and more relaxed. Can't thank you enough, Frances."


--Paul H.


"Frances Wocicki is a very caring and knowledgable acupuncturist. Her warm, kind and fun spirit will put you at ease right away. She asks me a lot of clarifying questions so that she is able to fully understand my health problems, and how they are impacting my life. She spends her time researching my health conditions. She has made numerous recommendations-foods, supplements, meditations, spices and exercises to help me to improve my health. Frances treats the whole person. She has given me good, thoughtful advice to assist me with several personal issues that I find challenging. Frances is overall a very good person. Most importantly, some of my health issues have drastically improved thanks to Frances' mastery of acupuncture and herbal medicine. I give Frances Wocicki a five star recommendation."


-- Bertha D.

Medical Qi Gong Testimonials:


"The best way I can describe Frances' Qi Gong technique is intuitive. Frances offered to give me Qi Gong-- my first Qi Gong treatment ever-- and I light-heartedly took her up on it, citing my visiting headache and general exhaustion.


I always describe that experience as 'in like a lion, out like a lamb', mostly because I went in feeling guarded, non-chalant, very physical... and came out having undergone a deeply transformative, humbling and emotional experience.


Frances is intuitive in how she approaches her practice, how she practices, and maybe most importantly, how she helps her patient navigate these issues on and off the table.


After the session, I was floored, humbled, and a bit embarrassed, but Frances met me with warmth, compassion, and an openness to connect and discuss the experience. Years later, it has left me with immense gratitude for her, and her intuition as a practitioner.


I would whole-heartedly recommend Frances to anyone open to exploring their well-being-- and keeping it as well as possible."


-- Jessica G.


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