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Special Rates for First Responders & Educators


Crow Heart Acupuncture & Herbs offers discounts to public service employees. This includes Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, and Public School Educators. 


Public Service Employees work toward the safety and well being of the people in their communities and deserve support for the occupational hazards and heightened stress they deal with on a daily basis. 


Research has proven a strong link between stress and illness. Acupuncture is very effective at managing the stress response and thereby keeping our public service workers in better health, which is of benefit for the themselves, their families, and the communities they serve.


Please contact us for more information.


Holistic Healing with Chinese Medicine

Crow Heart Acupuncture & Herbs is a General Practice located in Albany, California, just off of Solano Avenue.


Patients of all ages are welcome, and I encourage everyone to make their own well being a top priority. 


I enjoy working with people who recognize the importance of lifestyle on their wellbeing, and who are open to exploring the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of health. This is what is meant by a holistic approach, and Chinese Medicine excels at acknowledging the whole person. 

Though Chinese Medicine has a 5,000 year history, in the United States we are just becoming familiar with all it has to offer. We tend to think of acupuncture as a treatment for physical pain only, or as a way to help us relax. In fact, Chinese Medicine treats the person, not the disease, so really ANY health issue can be addressed. Traditional medicine can work well in an integrated fashion with Western biomedicine or can work well on its own, depending on the condition.

As a general practitioner, I treat a number of health issues, including, but not limited to:

* Stress and emotional imbalances

* Digestive issues

* Asthma, Allergies, histamine intolerance

* Sleep difficulties

* Fatigue, burnout

* Weight management

* Reproductive issues, menstrual irregularities

* Menopause / Andropause

* Hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders

* Cancer treatment support

* Autoimmune diseases

* Pain, arthritis

* Colds and flus, immune support

* Skin issues 

* and last, but not least, Preventative Care!


Some conditions respond more quickly and remarkably than others to acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional supplements. Marked improvement can sometimes be made with one treatment, while other conditions improve over a series of four to ten treatments. Ongoing support may be necessary to manage long-term, chronic, or congenital illnesses. 


Western Scientific Research - The World Health Organization


Early on, the World Health Organization had developed a long list of common conditions that have been scientifically proven as being effectively treated by acupuncture. In the last decade so many studies have been done proving the effectiveness of acupuncture, that they retired their finite list. You can find a similar list here: Acupuncture: An Overview of Scientific Evidence.


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