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What to Expect at Your Visit

Crow Heart Acupuncture & Herbs

Your initital visit will last approximately 90 minutes. The visit includes a detailed health history and an examination according to Chinese Medicinal diagnostics. The exam includes looking at your tongue (please do not brush your tongue before the visit), feeling your pulse, and sometimes abdominal palpation. The exam helps to form a diagnostic picture and allows for a treatment plan to be designed for you.


Modalities may include acupuncture, an herbal medicine prescription, nutritional supplements, cupping therapy, moxibustion, microcurrent, gua sha, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and medical qi gong. These modalities will be discussed with you before they are used. I am happy to answer any questions about them.

In order to get the most out of your session, please follow these guidelines:


* Arrive on time so you have the benefit of your full appointment time.


* On your first appointment, please arrive fifteen minutes early to fill out forms, or print and fill them out prior to your appointment. New patient forms can be downloaded here:







* Eat a light meal within a few hours of your acupuncture session (do not come hungry or overly full).


* Wear loose, comfortable clothing (or you may bring something to change into).


* If you have any questions about your treatment plan, be sure to ask me! You are welcome to contact me via email in between appointments if you have questions. 


* Do your best to follow the treatment plan / lifestyle suggestions / herbal remedies developed and prescribed for you.


* Each acupuncture session builds upon the previous one; keep to regularity with your appointments.


*Refrain from strenuous exercise and alcohol for at least three hours after your acupuncture treatment.


Chinese Medicine is not a "magic pill." Imbalances that have developed over months or years can take time and attention to resolve. Most patients feel noticeable effects following the first treatment, though lasting changes in health come incrementally.


Chinese Medicine is natural, safe, and effective as it gently nudges the mind and body into a place of balance, strength, and vitality.


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